Prach’s story

17-year-old , Prach Nimol from Siem Reap likes listening to local authorities talk about community and children issues and is moved by issues her community faces like domestic violence, unsafe migration, vulnerability to trafficking, child sexual abuse and child protection.

“I am proud to be able to help my villagers and other children reduce the risk of human trafficking and abuse in the community.”

In 2021, Nimol learned about the Hagar’s Children and Youth Group (CYG) in her community, and with the encouragement of her friends, she joined the group. Seeing that she was active in volunteering, learning and helping others, she was elected to be the group leader by CYG members.

“I dreamt of being a teacher or community leader but there was no opportunity in my community and I didn’t have the capacity as I was not good at talking to even few people. I wanted my community and children to be safe and have a better life, but I did not know what to do besides learning about the issues in my community.”

First she felt scared and did not have confidence to lead the group. However, after attended Hagar training and observing the Commune Council for Women and Children Committee (CWCC) conduct meetings and educate people, she gained confidence and believed she could achieve her dream.

Nimol has improved her facilitation skills and knowledge of child protection, child participation, positive parenting and human trafficking- preventing gender-based violence. She has become a strong young leader, helping her team and educating her community on issues like human trafficking, safe migration, protecting children and positive parenting. Nimol has led her group to develop and implement actions to prevent human trafficking and abuse issues that affect their community- especially children.

“Now, I’m different. I have gained knowledge about human trafficking and abuse that occur in my community and know how to help people respond to those issues and prevent them. I feel blessed seeing my group members gain knowledge and understanding of how to protect themselves and help children. We help each other educate our community members and report to the CCWC and the commune chief when we find a child or community member in trouble or danger. Thank you Hagar for the opportunity to achieve my dream.”

With her commitment and willingness to learn something new, she was also selected to be a community preschool teacher.

“I am also happy to see change in my community. Local duty bearers are more active in educating people, responding to issues of human trafficking and child abuse in the community and helping people gain knowledge and take action to protect their children.”

Heal & Empower Highlights

  • 212 clients/survivors are currently benefitting from Hagar’s services
  • 4 new labour trafficking survivors have been admitted in the last month
  • 2 clients/survivors graduated from the program and were reintegrated into the community
  • 103 clients/survivors benefited from psychological counselling sessions
  • 4 clients/survivors received career support

Hagar pursues the highest degree of care and protection for each of its clients. To protect the identity of our clients, names have been changed and images do not necessarily represent the individual profiled.