20-year-old widow Kanha, from Battambang Province Cambodia, survived human trafficking to China.        

Due to the lack of jobs in her village, Kanha’s family faced financial hardship so she needed to help support them.

Kanha’s mother was persuaded by a broker to convince her daughter to work in China as a factory or tea-farm worker. Being vulnerable, and promised a high salary, Kanha decided to go in February 2021.

Her documents were prepared and arranged by the broker who then took her to Phnom Penh capital city and Bavet City in the Svay Rieng Province. Kahna stayed in Bavet for a week with a man she did not know. After, that man took Kanha to the Cambodia-Vietnam border where she stayed in a guesthouse overnight with three other women.

The next day, two men picked Kahna and the other women up and took them to Vietnam. She did not know where she was going or what to do but was worried.

They stayed in Vietnam for one night and the next day two other men took them to a forest where a car was waiting to take them to China. Upon arrival, the broker told her the factory did not accept her to work there, as she did not have a passport and other proper documents. Then the broker lobbied and forced Kanha to get married to a Chinese man, so she could save money to pay back the broker. Kanha initially refused, but was threatened by the brokers to pay back the money they spent to bring her to China. She had no choice and was afraid of them, so agreed.

The next evening, Chinese police arrived at her residence and arrested her, but the broker escaped. Kanha was sent back to Cambodia on 21 April 2021 with the intervention and support of the Cambodian Embassy in China. In Cambodia, she was referred to Hagar for support services by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation. After assessments, Kanha was admitted for Hagar’s services.

“I was so frightened and afraid what will happen to my life when I stay with a Chinese man, whom I don’t know and could not communicate with. I was afraid my life would have ended there and I’d never have a chance to be back home, but I am one of the luckiest women who was rescued from human trafficking. However, I was not so sure what I could do when I returned home? What would my family think of me? And I did not really believe in the services that Hagar offered to me, or have much hope. But now, I have gained hope and am self-confident.”

Hagar supported Kanha by first placing her at the ‘Home of Love’ emergency foster care. During her stay, she received food and emergency support, counseling and warm care from the Home of Love mother. Hagar also provide career counselling and assessed her needs in related to economic empowerment before a police interview and family identification enabled her reintegration home.

When her family found out she was safe and home, they were very happy to arrange her accommodation and promised not to let her go find work away from home again.

“I am very grateful for Hagar’s support in bringing my daughter back to me. I do not know what to say, just thank you very much for your support and bringing us happiness. We will never let Kanha go back to that hell again.” – Kanha’s mother

Hagar’s staff also work with Kanha’s family members, who received food support. Kanha received small business support as Hagar assisted her to develop a business plan to raise goats. The income she has gained has helped support her family.

“My life has changed after great shock and misery. I generate income from my goat raising business to support my family and reduce my mother’s burden. I have saved some money and will expand my business. I have gained confidence and have hope for a better future and have my own family. If there was no help and support from Hagar, I might be migrating to find work and vulnerable to human trafficking again. Thank you Hagar for giving me hope and helping me build self-confidence.”

Hagar pursues the highest degree of care and protection for each of our clients. To protect the identity of our clients, names have been changed and images do not necessarily represent the individual profiled. Please note that all photos are obtained with clients’ consent.

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By partnering with Hagar, you’re supporting survivors to heal from the trauma of severe abuse. Our work is dependent on charitable giving by people like you.

Help us transform lives

Donate now

By partnering with Hagar, you’re supporting survivors to heal from the trauma of severe abuse. Our work is dependent on charitable giving by people like you.