VIDEO: The Strength to Survive

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When I was 13, my father arranged my marriage with a 45-year-old man, who promised my family money in exchange for me. I was very unhappy with him, but endured life with him for one year before running back to my home. My father was very angry when I returned....

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Healing and Justice for Chantea


I was told to release the whole story but wasn’t sure if I could handle recalling what happened to me.

I was nine when my stepfather raped me. I didn’t understand why he would do this—especially since he was supposed to love my mother. I was constantly scared and couldn’t...

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It’s A Journey – Hear from our Operations Director

What is it like being a social worker for Hagar? Hear from Wei, our Operations Director, as she gives you a glimpse inside. Your partnership with Hagar through your donations and prayer creates a safe place for hope to grow and allows the women...

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Linh Overcomes the Darkness

I wasn’t afraid of poverty. I didn’t know another way. What got me was the loneliness. Would my dream of a complete and happy family ever be reality?

When I was little, my mom passed away. She wasn’t my real mother—but my adopted one. I’ve never known my biological family....

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