Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation Features Hagar Vietnam’s Economic Empowerment Programme

Employment and career training are crucial to a survivors’ holistic recovery. In Vietnam, Hagar partners with institutions like the Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation to run the Economic Empowerment Programme that provides capacity-building, training and career development for women who have survived extreme abuse and exploitation.

“We want to empower...

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Hagar Afghanistan 2014 Update

New Hagar USA Executive Director/CEO Dr. Ray Casey

After a national search, it is my great pleasure to welcome to Hagar USA, Dr. Ray Casey, as our new Executive Director/CEO.

He began his tenure Feb. 23rd and will soon open a new USA headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina near where he and his family reside.

Ray’s talent, knowledge, and passion for...

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Mahida’s Story

Madiha tells her story straight-faced. She answers questions in a quiet, monotonous tone.

“I will start from the beginning, because that’s where the violence started. My father died when I was a child, leaving my mother with my brother, my sister, and me.

An enemy of our family would often threaten...

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Huyen’s Story of Transformation

Transformation is defined as “a marked change…as in appearance or character…usually for the better”
. As a staff member at Hagar Vietnam, I must agree. For each individual client in our care, transformation is different, but one thing remains the same…it is noticed, unique, and inspiring.

Take the case of...

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