Huyen’s Story of Transformation

Transformation is defined as “a marked change…as in appearance or character…usually for the better”
. As a staff member at Hagar Vietnam, I must agree. For each individual client in our care, transformation is different, but one thing remains the same…it is noticed, unique, and inspiring.

Take the case of...

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Hagar Cambodia and UNICEF launch report on Voices of Child Victims and Witnesses in Cambodia’s Criminal Justice System

The first study of its kind documenting the experiences of child victims in Cambodia’s courts and recommendations for developing a child-friendly system.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Last week, Hagar Cambodia and UNICEF launched “A System Just for Children”, a new study funded by UNICEF and conducted by Hagar researchers...

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Hagar Cambodia Highlights in 2014

Hagar Cambodia Thanks You!

Kalyan’s Journey to Forgiveness

With her black sharp eyes, Kalyan is a friendly and energetic woman. It is hard to believe that she has had such a dark past. When she was 15 years old, she was trafficked for sexual exploitation by her mother. Now 19, she is a beautiful young woman living with...

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