Hagar Afghanistan and IOM deliver Counter-Trafficking training

As part of its ongoing efforts to combat human trafficking, Hagar Afghanistan is collaborating with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to conduct counter-trafficking training in four key provinces: Herat, Khost, Nangarhar and Paktika. Hagar’s expertise in leading counter-trafficking efforts in Afghanistan leaves the organisation well poised to respond...

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What we’ve accomplished in 2014

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It’s so important to us to share and celebrate the successes of the past year with you. Through donor support, we have been able to develop new programs and assist more individuals at Hagar this last year than ever before in our 20 year history.

In this special "Year...

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Giving a Gift of Sight

“You see, her name is *Nita, and at the age of 7 days (yes, 7 DAYS), she suffered a brutal acid attack. What’s an acid attack you say? That’s when someone throws acid at you. And at 7 days old, an infant can’t really do much to protect herself...

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A Thanksgiving Reflection on Hagar’s Work

After nearly six years of living and working in Cambodia, I now find myself back in Canada where the season of gratitude is in full swing. I cannot help but reflect on the things for which I am grateful.

I have much to thank Hagar for.

Hagar helped me see my own...

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The Gender Issue that Affects All of Us

In the weeks since Emma Watson’s passionate plea for gender equality to the UN (He for She campaign) I have been thinking a lot about gender-based violence and gender equality. Most everyone around the world would agree that acts of violence against women are egregious and should...

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