Putting Faces to Data


Being able to meet face to face with boy survivors of trafficking was the most impacting aspect of the research. Putting faces to the data meant that while designing the Forgotten No More Boys Recovery Project, it wasn’t only larger trends and patterns in best-practice that influenced the programme.


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Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Hagar’s Door

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A joke in one form or another has been circulating in certain social media circles of late, particularly amongst Australians open to these kinds of things:

“Knock, Knock.
“Who’s there?
“An asylum seeker.”
To which one then hears the sound of a lock clicking tight.

Whatever one’s political leanings...

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New Hagar Study Sheds Light on Male Child Trafficking in Afghanistan

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN: An unprecedented study of 210 stakeholders in Afghanistan, including 130 boys, has found that on average one in 10 of the boys interviewed had experienced human trafficking. The study, Forgotten No More: Male Child Trafficking in Afghanistan, was conducted by Hagar field researchers and funded by the U.S.Department...

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A Breakthrough in Justice

When one person makes a stand, it can change lives. This is the story of a life that is being restored thanks to the courage of one government official.

Shaima’s Story

Just two years ago, 21-year-old Shaima was a teacher in one of Afghanistan’s largest cities. Over the next 18 months, she...

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Fighting child sex tourism

Child protection is one of Hagar’s top priorities. We try our best to ensure that throughout recovery, children are in an environment free from danger and...

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