Can you spare 5 mins to stop Modern Slavery

In the recent Queen’s Speech the Government announced a Modern Slavery Bill. The government created this slavery bill as a result of many thousands of voices calling for an end to slavery and trafficking in the UK.

Hagar UK is a member of The Human Trafficking Foundation, through which we have...

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Rany’s Story


My name is Rany. I’m sixteen years old and originally from the rural province of Prey Veng. For most of my childhood though, I’ve lived in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.

My life was difficult growing up. The memories are hard to forget. My father never allowed me to go to...

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Thach’s Story

When Thach found the courage to share her story and mentor other girls, she found a light of hope within herself. As a child, Thach experienced domestic abuse and a low sense of self-esteem. Today, she uses her own experiences to connect with other children at Hagar as a...

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Zaman’s Story

GUEST BLOG by Catherine Gladwell,
Director of Refugee Support Network, UK


Zaman paused after he spoke, and looked down at the floor of the Hagar office. ‘Speaking to you is bringing it all back you know, my life in the UK.’ Stories started to spill out of his...

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Joma Bakery Café – Social Enterprise Spotlight


We are often asked about our approach to social business: What does it look like? Who do we partner with? What is the impact?

Hagar’s experience with business runs deep in our veins, right back to our very start as an organisation. In its infancy, Hagar started its first enterprise, a...

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